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Henan Greatwall Machinery Co.,Ltd is absorbed in crushing, screening, manufactured sand and otherbuilding materials fields,which is the best famous sand&aggregate production system manufacturer and the whole program offers experts.

GreatWall Service

As one of the leading manufacturers in the global crushing and grinding industry,, GreatWall is always committed to innovation & excellence. Grasping strong production capability, advanced research strength and excellent service, Greatwall create the value and bring values to customers.  GreatWall integrated R&D, technical service, marketing and production to enhance R&D and innovation abilities and comprehensive competitiveness at home and abroad.

О нашей философии

The Great Wall is closely connected to the market, forming a complete R&D and technical system, Production, sales, and service. The company continues to optimize all aspects of design. Ensure accuracy and reliability Develop a plan. Internally, the company brings together scientific research, technical services Marketing and production, continuously improving technological development and innovation Company capability to enhance Great Wall's comprehensive competitiveness both domestically and internationally Abroad. The Great Wall has always insisted on using advanced concepts and technologies to create and Enhance enterprise value.

Why choose GreatWall


The company has a 45 year history and supports continuing to create value for customers.


We have a modern factory building of 120000 square meters.


At present, the company has 9 talented MBA managers and 600 technical personnel from different backgrounds


The company's annual production reaches 1600 units. Processing and production Power,

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