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What is Features Of HP Series Cone Crusher

The cone crusher was originally designed by the American Symons brothers, produced by Nordberg company, and popularized around the world in the 1920s and 1930s. After entering the 1980s, the main development of crushers was in crusher’s development and strengthening. After continuous research and improvement, many new cone crushers have been introduced. And the United States, Sweden, the United Kingdom, the former Soviet Union, France, Finland, Japan, etc. all introduced new cone crushers with different characteristics in the 1980s, which forwards development of the cone crusher a big step.


The HP series cone crusher has the following features:

1. Big capacity. The HP Series Cone Crusher combines the high speed and stroke to increase the rated power and the ability to pass is greatly improved.

2. Good end product quality. The unique intergranular laminating crushing action of the HP series cone crusher makes the particle size more uniform and the shape of the product is more neat. The HP series cone crusher shows constant discharge port during production because by rotating the fixed cone adjustment method, the discharge opening is kept constant, and the stability of the whole production process is improved. The constant mouth is used to improve the stability of the entire production process.

3. Less downtime. HP series cone crusher bi-directional iron-discharge hydraulic cylinder allows the iron block to pass through the crushing chamber. The hydraulic cleaning of the crushing chamber has a large stroke and is independent of the wear of the lining, which reduces the amount of work required to remove the plugging material in the crushing chamber, thereby reducing downtime. The hydraulic motor drives the fixed cone to adjust the discharge opening. The hydraulic motor can also rotate the fixed cone out of the adjusting ring nut to replace the liner, which greatly simplifies the workload of the liner replacement. the wedge meshes with the threaded bevel of the fixed cone liner to form a self-locking of the fixed cone lining plate; and the moving cone liner is fastened by self-locking locking bolts.

4. convenient repairing and maintenance. The bronze bushings of the HP series cone crusher can provide large load capacity in a large vibration and dusty environment. All parts of the HP series cone crusher can be disassembled and repaired from the top or side for easy access.

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