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2PG Roller Crusher

Feeding Size 25-500mm
Capacity 20-200tph

Double-roll crusher is a high throughput material crushing equipment. It is reliable & efficient for crushing materials with high hardness. Get the best performance with the toughest materials.

2PG Roller Crusher

Product Introduction

roller crusher

Our Double-Roll Crusher is designed to crush various materials, including coal, limestone, coke, and granite, offering a versatile solution to crushing needs.The sensor as an overload protection device can ensure the double roller crusher safe and reliable.

The  double-roll crusher is also called a double-roller crusher and double-roll sand-making machine. It uses two motors to drive two sets of rollers to squeeze and grind materials. The crushing degree of the pair of rollers is less than 80mm, and the particle size of the finished product is required to be 50 mesh-20mm.

The roller crusher is mainly composed of rollers, roller support bearings, pressing and adjusting devices, and driving devices. There is a wedge or gasket adjustment device between the two rollers. The wedge device is equipped with an adjustment bolt. When the adjustment bolt pulls up the wedge, the wedge pushes the movable roller away from the fixed wheel. It has the characteristics of low noise, less dust, reliable performance, and convenient maintenance.



Product Features

  • Our crusher is designed to provide high productivity to its users, allowing them to process large quantities of materials in a short period.
  • The product can be customized as per the merchant's requirements, allowing them to modify the crusher to suit their specific needs.
  • Our Smooth Double-Roll Crusher is priced competitively, making it a cost-effective solution for merchants.
  • Our product is designed to operate in an eco-friendly manner, minimizing the carbon footprint and providing sustainable solutions to crushing needs.

Product Parametersа

Model Max. Feeding size (mm) Capacity (t/h)
 2PG-400*250 25  5-10
 2PG-610*400 40  13-35
2PG-750*500   15-40
2PG-900*500   20-50
2PGC450*500   300  20-45
2PGC600*750  400  30-180
 2PGC600*900  40-100
 2PGC600*1200  50-120
 2PGC800*1000  80-180
 2PGC800*1200  100-220
 2PGC900*900  500 80-180

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