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GZS Roller Soil And Stone Separator

Model GZS
Feeding Size 600-1500mm
Capacity 100-200t/h

A wobbler feeder is a specialized roller mudstone separator machine designed to effectively separate mudstone from other soil deposits. This machine utilizes advanced technology to filter mudstone from other sedimentary materials, resulting in a clean and efficient output. This separator is perfect for industries such as mining, construction, and agriculture, providing a reliable and cost-effective solution for removing mudstone from a range of soil types.

GZS Roller Soil And Stone Separator

Product Introduction

GZS Series wobbler feeder is also called roller screen. This machine is separation equipment that drives the discs on the shaft to separate materials of different sizes and shapes through the rolling of the shaft. Adjusting the gap between the discs can achieve the effect of effectively separating materials with large differences in size. The screen surface of this kind of machine is composed of many rollers arranged in parallel and staggered with screen discs on them. The rollers are rotated by sprocket or gear transmission, and their rotation direction is the same as the material flow direction. Its handling capacity is the same volume as the traditional drum screen 4 times, screening efficiency is 2 times of the drum screen.

Product Features

  • Its handling capacity is 4 times that of the traditional rotary screen with the same volume, and its screening efficiency is 2 times that of the rotary screen;
  • Special wear-resistant sprocket, chain linkage, tension chain design, high running stability;
  • In terms of production capacity and sorting effect, it surpasses traditional screening equipment such as trommel screen, bar screen and vibrating screen;
  •  In addition to being suitable for coal and stone screening, it can also be used for solid waste screening such as construction waste and domestic waste.

Product Parametersа

Model Power(Kw) Number of axes Best. Feed Size (mm) Capacity (t/h)
GZS1420-1 11 8 ≤200 100-200
GZS1420-2 11*2 16 ≤200 100-200
GZS1420-3 11*3 24 ≤200 100-200

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