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Mobile screening station

Feeding Size 200-400mm
Capacity 50-300tph

Tire-type mobile screening station is mainly used in the screening field of building aggregate production lines, which mainly classifies broken materials through different sieve aperture. Tire-type mobile screening station is widely used in screening operations in mines, water conservancy and hydropower, expressways, construction waste and other fields, and the processing capacity can reach 500t/h.

Mobile screening station

Product Introduction

Mobile screening station

Tire mobile screening station is a mobile screening station specially developed by GreatWall Machinery for screening fields requiring mobile operations in mine crushing, urban construction waste treatment, large-scale projects, and other projects. Compared with the traditional production mode, the tire mobile screening station has a more flexible operation mode and can follow up in time according to the advancement of the project. In addition, the tire mobile screening station can handle various types of materials, and the sieve aperture can be adjusted in time according to the size of the discharge specifications to meet the needs of users for various building aggregates. The tire mobile screening station designed and developed by GreatWall Machinery can be equipped with a YK series circular vibrating screen or LF series vibrating screen according to the needs of users at different levels, to flexibly cope with various working conditions.

Product Features

  • Simple structure, convenient maintenance.
  • Stable working station and smooth operation.
  • High utilization rate of screen, large unit area, not easy to block, but easy replacement of screen.
  • High-precision screening reach to 96% or above, large processing capacity, etc.

Product Parametersа

Model MS1548YK3S MS1860YK3S MS2160YK3S MS2460YK3S
Vibrating screen 3YK1548 3YK1860 3YK2160 3YK2460
Feeding belt conveyor B800×12.5Y B800×12.7 Y B800×12.7 Y B1000×12.7 Y
Belt conveyor under vibrating screen B650×7.5 Y B800×8.2 Y B1000×8.2 Y B1400×8.4 Y
 Side-opening belt conveyor B500×5.6 Y B500×5.6 Y B500×5.6 Y B650×5.6 Y
Number of axles 2 2 2 2
Transportation dimensions (mm) 14740 *3360*4500 15070 *3380 *4533 15070 *3533*4533 15300*4360 *4950

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