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Crawler screening station

Feeding Size 200-400mm
Capacity 30-330tph

The crawler-type mobile screening station of GreatWall Machinery can be directly opened to the site, with convenient transition operation, high screening efficiency and large output; It is very suitable for operations in complex terrain areas such as narrow site and urban demolition, especially for construction waste treatment, and can also be used for screening minerals and hard rocks, and in the production of sand and gravel aggregates, which can meet the mobile screening requirements of customers.

Crawler screening station

Product Introduction

Crawler screening station

The crawler-type mobile screening station developed and produced by GreatWall Machinery saves a lot of manpower and material resources on the tedious foundation construction of steel frame structure. Crawler-type mobile screening stations can realize remote control and self-walking, directly select the site, enter the site for operation, and do not need tractor transportation. It is especially suitable for the fields of small crushing sites, screening treatment of construction waste and the like. Crawler-type mobile screening station not only greatly reduces the investment cost, but also improves the user's benefit.
Crawler-type mobile screening station is mainly used for processing materials that often need relocation operations, such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, etc., especially for the operation of mobile stones such as expressways, railways, hydropower projects, etc. Users can adopt various configuration forms according to the types and scales of processed raw materials and different requirements of finished products. At present, mobile screening stations in China are mostly used in construction waste treatment projects in urban demolition, which break and screen construction waste into several new aggregates with different sizes and rules, so as to realize the new utilization of construction waste.


Product Features

  • The whole machine adopts the hydraulic drive and is equipped with a mature high-torque walking motor, which can realize flexible movement and free transition. In addition, the equipment itself is small in size and small in turning radius, and the crawler walking does not hurt the road surface;
  • Crawler-type mobile crushing station saves a lot of capital construction and relocation costs; It can be driven directly to the site, and can move with the advancement of raw material mining face or extend with the construction site, thus reducing investment cost and operation cost.
  • Adopt an integral frame with high strength, uniform mass distribution, compact and reasonable equipment layout, and cooperate with full hydraulic system control, so the equipment is more flexible and controllable;
  • Using diesel engines, low fuel consumption, low noise, not only reliable performance but also strong power, for equipment crushing operation to provide a steady stream of strong power.

Product Parametersа

Model MHYY3216 MHYY3246
Vibrating screen    
Model 3YK2160 3YK2460
Number of layers 3 3
Size of vibrating screen 6000*2100 6000*2400
Vibrating feeder    
Volume of feeding hopper(m^3) 5 6
Loding hopper(mm) 3400 3400
Loading width(mm) 1800 1800
Processing capacity(T/H) 100-600 150-850

Note: The capacity may vary with different materials and feeding sizes.

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