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FP Coal mineral sizer

Feeding Size 50-1300mm
Capacity 30-10000tph

FP Coal mineral sizer uses mechanical, electrical and other interlocking methods to crush various materials is mainly crushing the coal for the primary and secondary crushing in the industries of coal mining, power generation station, coal washing plant, metallurgy,etc.

FP Coal mineral sizer

Product Introduction

Coal mineral sizer

The toothed roll crusher mainly uses special wear-resistant toothed rollers to rotate at high speed to split and crush materials (traditional toothed roller crushers use low-speed extrusion and crushing), forming a mechanism of high productivity.The toothed roll crusher machines supplied by our company are double-toothed roller crushers. There are four models according to the diameter and length of the rollers. The tooth type can be configured according to the needs of users. The material feeding size is between 200mm-500mm, and the size of the discharged material is between 25mm-150mm, which can meet the production demand of 20-110 tons per hour.

Product Features

  • have a large crushing ratio, no requirement for the moisture content of the crushed materials, and it is non-sticky, non-blocking, less over-crushing, low noise, small vibration, less dust, and an occupied area;
  • Equipped with a hydraulic automatic retreat device, which can effectively prevent the damage of the iron block to the toothed roller and the damage of the wooden block and flexible objects to the normal operation of the toothed roller;
  •  Equipped with an intelligent removal device, which can automatically remove the adhered materials on the wall of the crusher cavity by using the interval of working conditions;
  • Multiple protective devices and interlocking devices such as mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, etc. are used to effectively protect the motor, crusher and the entire system.

Product Parametersа

Primary Crushing FP50series FP50/80 FP50/120 FP50/160 FP50/200
FP63series FP63/150 FP63/200 FP63/240 FP63/300
FP75series FP75/150 FP75/200 FP75/300  
FP100and above series FP100/150 FP100/200 FP100/300 FP130
Secondary Crushing FP50series FP50AS FP50AM FP50AL  
FP63series FP63AS FP63AM FP63AL  
FP80series FP80AS FP80AM FP80AL FP80AKL
FP100series FP100AS FP100AM FP100AL FP100AKL

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