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HZS Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump

Model HZS
Feeding Size
Capacity 120-170m³/h

Truck-Mounted Concrete Boom Pump is a convenient and efficient dedicated construction machinery for transporting and concreting, It is widely used in high-rise construction, underground construction and large concrete construction.

HZS Truck-mounted Concrete Boom Pump

Product Introduction

As a mature manufacturer of concrete pumping machines, GreatWall machinery provide our clients with the truck-mounted concrete boom pump from 30-70 meters length boom as options.  A boom pump truck is ideal for delivering concrete from considerable heights and with a great level of accuracy.  The rate at which concrete can be delivered, together with its high-volume capacity makes a boom pump ideal for projects on a larger scale.

Product Features

Product Parametersа

Model HZS5028 HZS5030 HZS5033 HZS5037 HZS5042 HZS5047 HZS5056 HZS5063
Maximum Vertical Height Of Boom (M) 27.4 29.2 32.5 36.6 41.8 46.9 56 61.5
Horizontal Distribution Radius Of Boom (M) 23.8 25.6 29 32.6 38 42.7 52 57.5
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