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HZS Dry Mortar Plant

Model HZS
Feeding Size
Capacity 10-110t/h

Dry mortar plant is a complete dry mortar production line used to produce all kinds of mortar and plaster, which has the advantages of high degree of automation, unique design, compact structure, simple process, energy-saving and environmental protection

HZS Dry Mortar Plant

Product Introduction

Dry mortar called dry mixed mortar, ready-mixed mortar, etc.The dry mortar production line is a production line composed of material storage warehouse, metering and batching system, mixing system, packaging system, bulk mortar transportation and material system, dust removal system, quality inspection and control system, production auxiliary facilities, etc.

Product Features

  • Compact layout, spacious internal space, small foundation excavation, high overall equipment cost, low energy consumption, low equipment failure rate (can run continuously), high production efficiency, easy maintenance and good environmental protection effect.
  • The layout is more dispersed, the equipment cost is lower, and the energy consumption is higher;  the productivity is higher, it is environmentally friendly and easy to handle
  • High efficiency, stable screening performance and high screening efficiency; Unique screen anti blocking device, screen self-cleaning;
  • Double vibration isolation, low building vibration,and low requirements for foundation strength.

Product Parametersа

Model Capacity (t /h) Installed Power(kw) Size(L*W H)
HZS1200 10-20 Drying120+Mixing270 44*24*30
HZS2000 20-40 Drying140+Mixing290 47*24*33
HZS3000 40-60 Drying180+Mixing320 50*24*33
HZS4500 60-80 Drying240+Mixing360 51*24*36
HZS6000 80-110 Drying350+Mixing460 54*26*38

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