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Crawler cone crushing station

Feeding Size 160-260mm
Capacity 150-350tph

The crawler-type conical mobile crushing station belongs to medium and fine crushing operation in the crushing production line, but it is different from crawler-type counterattack mobile crushing station. As the two medium crushing equipment, the crawler-type counterattack mobile crushing station is usually used for crushing operations below limestone hardness considering the production cost, while the crawler-type counterattack mobile crushing station can realize crushing operations for materials with different hardness, especially for materials with high hardness and strong abrasion.

Crawler cone crushing station

Product Introduction

Crawler cone crushing station

Crawler cone mobile crushing station is a mobile crushing equipment developed by GreatWall Machinery, which is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium or above hardness, such as limestone, iron ore, pebbles, non-ferrous metal ores, granite, basalt and so on. Its high rotating speed, various crushing cavity types and special design make the crushed finished product have an excellent cube shape. At the same time, the Design and R&D Department of GreatWall Machinery simplified the daily maintenance after combining the field use experience of equipment and user feedback and changed the three major problems of difficult maintenance, laborious maintenance and frequent maintenance of crawler-type conical mobile crushing station in the past. Not only is it easy to maintain, but it can also ensure extraordinary stability.
The crawler-type conical mobile crushing station has various crushing cavity types, and different crushing cavity types can be selected according to the needs of users. Usually, there are two types of crawler-type conical mobile crushing stations: standard type and short head type. The standard type has large feeding granularity and coarse finished material layout; Short-head feeding granularity is small, finished product discharge is also fine, and users can choose flexibly according to their own needs. In addition, there are also five types of crushing machines available for crawler cone mobile crushing stations to meet different levels of customer needs.

Product Features

  • Crawler-type conical mobile crushing station has strong adaptability and flexible configuration, and can carry out customized process design according to the nature of raw materials, output and finished product specifications of customers;
  • The scheme design of the mobile crushing station is flexible and diverse, which can realize "one household, one design, one household, one scheme" according to different needs of the different customers.
  • Crawler-type conical mobile crushing station adopts heavy-duty crawler chassis, which has good grounding performance, high-quality driving components and powerful driving force, and can meet the climbing requirements under various harsh working conditions;
  • Using diesel engines, low fuel consumption, low noise, not only reliable performance but also strong power, for equipment crushing operation to provide a steady stream of strong power.

Product Parametersа

Model MHYH300 MHYH400 MHYH300S MHYH400S
Crusher model HP300 HP400 HP300 HP400
Feeding belt conveyor height 3100 3160 3100 3160
Capacity(t/h) 85-440 135-625 85-440 135-625
Screen model     YK1330 YK1330
Feeding size(mm) 80-230 90-290 80-230 90-290

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