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Mobile sand making station

Feeding Size 35-50mm
Capacity 40-180tph

Mobile sand making and crushing station is mainly used in the field of medium and fine crushing operations. In sand and gravel production operations, according to different stone and finished product uses, it has the functions of sand making, shaping, sand and gravel mixing, etc. It is a major tool for building materials industries such as concrete mixing and dry mixing to pursue high-quality machine-made sand.

Mobile sand making station

Product Introduction

Mobile sand making station

All equipment of the mobile sand making and crushing station is vehicle-mounted, including the ZS series impact sand-making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc., which has high flexibility and strong maneuverability and can save a lot of capital construction, demolition, and transition costs. The main machine adopts the ZS series impact sand-making machine, which has a large feeding size, stronger production capacity, more energy saving and consumption reduction driven by a single motor, high sand forming rate, excellent grain shape of finished products and reasonable gradation, and meets the sand requirements of commercial concrete, dry powder mortar, expressway, railway, and other industries.
The mobile sand making and crushing station has greatly expanded the conceptual field of crushing and sand-making operations. Its design concept is to stand in the position of the customer, the crushing site, the environment, and the complexity of the basic configuration of the obstacles brought to the customer's crushing operations, as the primary solution. It provides customers with simple and low-cost project operation hardware facilities.

Product Features

  • The scheme design of mobile crushing stations is flexible and diverse, which can realize "one household, one design, one household, one scheme" according to the different needs of different customers.
  • The mobile crushing station adopts a tire-type body structure design, which has mobility, high chassis, and a small turning radius, and is equipped with traction steering shaft, which can realize free transition work;
  • The dual-purpose design of oil and electricity can be equipped with a diesel generator set to meet the needs of different customers and different working environments.
  • Mobile crushing station saves a lot of capital construction and relocation costs; It can be driven directly to the site, and can move with the advancement of raw material mining face or extend with the construction site, thus reducing investment cost and operation cost.

Product Parametersа

Model M3Y1545V7611 M3Y1848V8518 M3Y1860V9526 M3Y2160V1140
VSI crusher VSI7611 VSI8518 VSI9526 VSI1140
Circular vibrating screen 3YK1545 3YK1848 3YK1860 3YK2160
Belt conveyor 500*7m 650*7m 800*8m 1000*8m
Number of axis 2 2 3 3
Transportation dimensions (mm) 14000*3000*4500 14000*3000*4500 14000*3000*4500 15600*3100*4480

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