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HP Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Feeding Size 20-355mm
Capacity 90-1200tph

Multiple cylinders all-hydraulic cone crusher is designed and developed by our company based on introducing foreign technology. The machine is suitable for crushing various ores and rocks with medium or above hardness.

HP Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Product Introduction

Multiple cylinders all-hydraulic cone crusher was designed and developed by GreatWall Machinery is based on introducing foreign technology. This machine is suitable for crushing all kinds of ores and rocks with medium or above hardness, mainly used in the second-stage crushing and third-stage crushing in metal mines and building sand and gravel processing. Its high rotating speed, high crushing capacity, and special design make the finished product after crushing have an excellent cube shape. The machine adopts a high-strength cast steel frame, alloy forging spindle, and high-precision straight bevel gear transmission structure, combined with various cavity selection and automatic operation control systems so that the performance and advantages of the equipment can be perfectly reflected. This machine is divided into standard type and short head type. Generally speaking, the standard feeding granularity is large and the discharge granularity is coarse. The short head type crushing cone is steep and the feeding particle size is small, which is beneficial to the production of fine-grained materials. Therefore, the standard type is generally used for coarse and medium crushing, while the short head type is used for medium and fine crushing.

Product Features

  • The designed crushing chamber enlarges the feeding size so that the equipment has a larger crushing ratio. The reasonable combination of high swing frequency of crushing wall and large stroke of eccentric sleeve ensures the large throughput of equipment and improves the production efficiency of equipment;
  •  The theory of lamination crushing between materials, which makes material crushing occur between materials and crushing walls at the same time. The grain shape of the product tends to be a cube, and the needle-like content is reduced to a great extent;
  • The spindle is made of high-strength alloy steel precision casting and precision forging, which is practical and has the superior performance of crushing medium and hard materials;
  • The structure is reasonable, the crushing principle is optimized, the force between the material and the crushing wall is weakened, the wear of practical parts is reduced, and the running cost of the equipment is greatly reduced.

Product Parametersа

Model Cavity Standard type Short type Power(kw) Capacity (t/h)
Feeding size(mm) Min.discharging size (mm) Feeding Size (mm) Min.discharging size (mm)
HP200 Extra coarse / / / / 132-200 90-250
Coarse 185 19 76 10
Medium 125 17 54 6
Fine 95 13 23 6
Extra fine / / 10 5
HP300 Extra coarse 230 25 / / 180-250 115-440
Coarse 210 20 75 10
Medium 150 15 50 8
Fine 105 10 20 6
Extra fine / / 20 6
HP400 Extra coarse 295 30 / / 280-355 140-630
Coarse 250 25 90 10
Medium 195 20 50 8
Fine 110 14 40 6
Extra fine / / 30 6
HP500 Extra coarse 330 30 / / 355-450 175-790
Coarse 285 25 90 13
Medium 200 20 55 10
Fine 133 16 40 8
Extra fine / / 35 6
HP800 Extra coarse 353 32 / / 550-630 260-1200
Coarse 297 32 155 13
Medium 267 25 92 10
Fine 219 16 33 6
Extra fine / / / /


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