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GP Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Feeding Size 20-500mm
Capacity 80-1000 t/h

This series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher represents the world's comparative crusher technology, and has many advantages that traditional crushers can't compare with: high crushing efficiency, low production cost, convenient maintenance and adjustment, excellent particle size of crushed products, and can be widely used in medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing operations.

GP Single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher

Product Introduction

Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is an energy-saving cone crusher developed by our company base on introducing technical level, which integrates mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, automatic, and only control technologies. ZSDG Series Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher adopts a modular design and has various crushing cavity types, which can realize the conversion from coarse crushing to fine crushing by replacing some parts. The optimized crushing cavity has the characteristics of a large crushing ratio, high efficiency, low energy consumption, and uniform product particle size. By choosing the appropriate crushing cavity type and eccentricity, the production requirements of customers can be met to a greater extent, and high output can be realized. Under the condition of full load feeding, lamination crushing can be realized, so that the product has a better grain shape and more cube particles. Compared with other equipment, it is more suitable for crushing hard rock, and its production capacity is 15%-20% higher than that of a cone crusher of the same specification. This product has hydraulic locking and hydraulic adjustment capabilities, as well as iron release and cavity cleaning functions. It is equipped with a hydraulic system and lubrication system to ensure the safe and normal operation of the equipment. The hydraulic system can flexibly adjust the discharge port, thus realizing the function of controlling the discharge particle size and output. The electrical control system is equipped with a protection system combining electronic intelligent display and self-locking control, which can safely and real-time monitor oil temperature, oil pressure, and flow, and give an alarm in time in case of emergency.

Product Features

  • Crushing cavity type, large inlet design, reasonable eccentricity, better swing frequency, cavity type, and motion parameters, bring high output and larger crushing ratio;
  • Optimizing the crushing cavity design can realize lamination crushing under the condition of crowded feeding, and improve the product particle shape. The product shape is mostly cube, which makes the product particle shape better;
  • The sliding bearing adopts an oil wedge design to avoid direct friction contact between the shaft and bearing. Reinforced frame structure and special bearing materials have large bearing capacity and high reliability, which prolongs the service life of equipment;
  • Optimized structural design, making all maintenance from the upper and side, simple operation and convenient maintenance. High degree of automation, an integrated electrification system, simple operation, real-time monitoring, and timely feedback, even ordinary operators can quickly master it.

Product Parametersа

type Cavity type feeding size(mm) Discharge size(mm) power(kw)
GP100 S1 ≤240 ≥22 ≤90
S2 ≤200 ≥19
H1 ≤135 ≥10
H2 ≤65 ≥8
H3 ≤38 ≥4
GP160 S1 ≤360 ≥25 ≤160
S2 ≤300 ≥22
S3(粗) ≤235 ≥19
H1 ≤185 ≥13
H2 ≤90 ≥10
H3 ≤50 ≥6
GP250 S1 ≤450 ≥35 ≤250
S2 ≤400 ≥29
S3(粗) ≤300 ≥25
H1 ≤215 ≥16
H2 ≤110 ≥13
H3 ≤70 ≥8
GP315 S1 ≤560 ≥41 ≤315
S2 ≤500 ≥38
H1 ≤275 ≥16
H2 ≤135 ≥16
H3 ≤65 ≥13

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